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Andrew Chisholm began playing disc golf in the mid 1990s. With a desire to help grow the sport and the community of disc golf Andrew became the administrator for[1], the Nebraska disc golf news source, in 2001. The effort continues today.

Course Experience

Playing courses while traveling with his family and during tournaments Andrew has played over 100 courses in 14 different states, including one in Canada. He reviewed over 25 courses for the Professional Disc Golf Association's course directory.

Course Design

He designed or co-designed over 25 courses beginning with the beautiful Skyview Park in Norfolk, Nebraska, in 2002. Andrew's designs demonstrate an intuitive course flow, regard for safety, and are balanced to provide a wide variety of interesting shot options. Tournament layouts are designed to create score separation opportunities by creating the most challenging shots mixed with a few simple shots to pressure the mental game. Some of the tools used during the design phase include a Bushnell laser range finder, survey flags, aerial maps, camera for a course walkthrough, and a computer spreadsheet for project management.

Tournament Director

Andrew has directed or co-directed 26 tournaments. One highlight is the Star City Shoot-out, a tournament he directed for four years. Top prize was $700 and the tournament was played on 3 different courses simultaneously; peak registration was 126 competitors. Presently Andrew continues as the TD for the Ice Bowl, an annual fundraiser tournament for the Food Bank at a course just a few blocks from his home.


As a clinician Andrew has introduced disc golf to beginning and recreational players in 15 clinics. Typically the clinics are for groups such as the Boy Scouts of America, churches, and after school programs at elementary schools.

Let's Go!

Andrew would enjoy working with you for course design and development consultation. Rates are $40 per hour, or $300 per day plus travel expenses. Contact him today and learn about options for disc golf in your area.

Andrew Chisholm, B.S.Ed. 3137 Stephanos Dr Lincoln, NE 68516

phone: 402-525-7409 e-mail: