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Explore Disc Golf (EDG) is a full-service disc golf design-build firm with a focus on “turning the course into a classroom.” Owned and operated by Brian Giggey and Zeena Hutchinson, EDG offices are located in Amherst, MA. With both owners highly trained within the fields of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, EDG focuses on using the disc golf course as a framework to educate the public about the sport and the restorative benefits of nature.

Explore Disc Golf aims to provide disc golf course design services for all scales of implementation. Universities and park systems can benefit in the form of increased usage and connectivity to the surrounding context, while music festivals and residential owners can maximize underutilized space while giving the users a creative form of healthy recreation. EDG’s services range from site planning, course design, consultations and installations to environmental education, art and lighting installations, business development packages, basket rentals and upgrades, as well as merchandising for players, companies and tournaments.


1.) Course Design and Site Planning 2.) Course Improvements 3.) Equipment Rentals 4.) Merchandising