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Jason Hendrickson, the Johnny Appleseed of Disc Golf, is Central America's inspirational Disc Golf Course Designer. He holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Wisconsin - Stout in Business Administration and an emphasis in Golf Enterprise Management, Marketing & Sales.

Top 9 Hole Courses Internationally - Brickyard ranked 2nd and Lambs Creek ranked 5th on from approximately 2,700 courses.

Jason's Goals:

1. Implement disc golf as a sustainable source of tourist commerce for local businesses through a grass roots model.

2. Continue working with other course designers and organizations to create disc golf sustainability and growth.

3. Continue implementing innovative and creative ways to elevate the bar for the future of disc golf.

4. Empower and uplift communities through social responsibility outreach and training.

Campamento Bautista Converge - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

August 11, 2016

Dear Jason,

I wanted to write to thank you for your participation in the set-up of our new Disc Golf course at Campamento Bautista Converge. We are very happy about our new course and are excited to introduce this new sport to the people of Honduras. You were very experienced, hardworking, professional and honest in all that you did with us. We are grateful for your leadership and direction and would recommend you to anyone looking to set up a course.

We look forward to a long term relationship.


Michelle Crotts Program Director, Campamento Bautista Converge

Brickyard Reviews

"This course is one of the biggest stand out nine hole courses I have played. Just having the multiple tees and baskets with different pin locations makes it great. All the extra flair, the practice baskets, lounge areas, practice holes, landscaping makes it awesome. When they are finished with everything, it will be phenomenal." - David Durov. Chicago, IL. 247 courses played.

‎"The course plays through some of the most unique land I have seen for disc golf. Nice rolling hills, open meadows, dense woods and some very interesting ravines. This is an absolute must for anyone in the area and Menomonie, WI has a few other gems that make this a WI DG destination IMO. BIG UPS TO THE STOUT DG CLUB FOR THE HARD WORK. I will play this course anytime I have a chance. It is by far the nicest free course I have ever played. I am giving it a 4.5 and when all of the landscaping is done I might have to bump it to a 5. I can't believe I am rating it so high but it is just as fun as Blue Ribbon Pines IMO. PLAY THIS COURSE!!!!" - E_Rock25. WI. 28 courses played.

‎"I typically rate a lot of courses as a traveling player in which time is often rushed. I'd make time to play here again and be glad I did. Oh man - I've just started imagining having 18 holes out here with the same design components, 2 baskets, 2 tees, some true par 4/5 holes, maybe a man-made pond or something, a few open holes bordering some tricky OB, and utilizing even more of the amazing terrain. This type of configuration would blow off the 5-disc rating scale!" - Tim Kopacz. Kewaunee, WI. 131 courses played.

‎"There are a couple very interesting shots that you won't see at most other courses. One of them is a nice short ace run through the woods, crossing over a little ravine… very cool. Of course, you'll have to go down and then up from the tee pad to cross over to where the basket is. It is a really unique course and I would highly recommend it." - Andy. Green Bay, WI. 52 courses played.

‎"If you like this design of Jason's, be sure to check out the Pioneer Saloon and Grill course. It is one of the most severe disc golf terrains you will find anywhere. Creek is very much in play. Wakanda Park is a good "old school" 18; and recently added to this site; Axl Dog Acres is also a must play, 20 hole layout. These four; are as fine a grouping in such a small area; as anywhere in Wisconsin; with the added luxury of two of them being nine hole courses; where you can easily play more than one round. Eau Claire not much more than 1/2 hour away; provides another group of very fine courses (two at Tower of Wisconsin's very early nine hole courses at Mount Simon....Wild Apple in Osseo...etc.) that makes Western Wisconsin; a DESTINATION AREA for sure. All of these designs are from a varied group of some very fine course planners; with ages varying from 20+ years of age to 50+. I am quite impressed with this area for disc golf; and I believe you will be too. Brickyard is another of the hidden gems....though not a championship caliber design for Gold level players; anyone else will be smiling." - Paul Anderson. Appleton, WI. 511 courses played.

Mayo Clinic Health System DGC Reviews

"To start with, this is by far one of the best courses I've seen designed for kids and new players from the short tees. It starts out easy and open, and gradually gets a little more difficult and adds a little length and some obstacles while staying reasonable for middle school aged kids. The long tees offer more challenge and are a good step up for kids who take to the sport or adults who want to play the course." - Matt. Chicago, IL. 507 courses played.

"The short tees are good for the middle school kids and people just starting out to play. It gives you a decent sense of what disc golf is all about without the punishment of lots of obstacles (although they do come into play). The long tees make up much more of a challenge. There is a 430 foot downhill shot and a 600 foot plus dogleg hole. With the small rolling hills and the open grass, it gives you a chance to try out different shots." - David Durov. Chicago, IL. 247 courses played.

Lambs Creek @ The Pioneer Grill & Saloon Reviews

"This is honestly my favorite nine holes I have ever played, and one of my favorite courses, period. Its very technical: full of tunnel shots through trees, over terrain, and around a river, usually all at the same time. The holes all are very aptly named, following the Pioneer theme. For example, hole 4 has three routes through the trees to get to the pin, and is aptly named The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Admittedly, when I played it I think I got more of the Ugly than the other two, but what can ya do. I love this course, but like all 9 holer's, wish there was more of it. If the same insane genius who designed the current holes expanded it to 18, it would be like the best Christmas present ever. What a great idea, a fun, challenging course located at & owned by a bar and grill. Awesome. Grab a beer, play this course and you'll understand the true meaning of zen." - Gordon Frater. West Allis, WI. 86 courses played.

"This is one of my absolute favorite 9 hole courses. It has great elevation with several steep holes, and some form of elevation on just about every hole to keep you on your toes. Two holes play over the creek if you dare, with the entire flight of the shot over water if you take the most open route, a great risk/reward decision with much tougher but drier routes through the trees. There is a great mix of left and right turning holes here, even though all the holes are pretty short you'll need to be creative with your shot selection." - Matt. Chicago, IL. 507 courses played.

"Fun course with lots of water and woods that make you think about your shot. This course is very well maintained and nicely landscaped. Located behind the Pioneer Bar with great food and entertainment. The $1 cost is well worth it. This course is short but what it lacks in length it makes up for in technicality. Lambs Creek runs right through the middle of the course and it comes into play on four of the nine holes. Lots of risk and reward opportunities. Very well marked with great signage and nice baskets. Night putting course that looks like fun. Nice variety of big and small trees to throw around. The layout of this course is well thought out and the use of elevation and water is amazing. This course is great for working accuracy. Challenging but not long. FUN FUN FUN!!!" - E_Rock25. WI. 28 courses played.